Gen 1 Series – Maxi, Midi, Mini

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Unmatched performance without sacrifice
Recoil reduction unparalleled
Low concussion for the performance

Low dust and debris
Reduced muzzle rise


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Unmatched performance without sacrifice

Top Performance
High-performance brakes that don’t pick up dust from the ground when prone shooting or produce considerable concussion.

Cutting edge manufacturing process, SLM 3d printed body and CNC cut threads and bore for best finish and tolerance. The SLS process gives us the option to make an unmatched reduction in recoil without sacrificing our ears and eyes. The ports are angled upward to prevent dust pickup and help reduce muzzle rise.

Why no top ports?

We opted for no top ports because it was requested by the top PRS shooters that helped develop the brake. Carbon buildup in top holes will affect zero in ways that side ports don’t. For a muzzle brake aimed at the top PRS community, this was an easy choice.

How do you clean it?

It’s not a coincidence that we made it out of 316L Stainless. Soak it in an acid-like CLR and rinse.

Aluminum brakes can’t handle long hours in CLR and other corrosive cleaners but low carbon stainless can.

At the same time as we cut the threads and shoulders, we also finish the bore of the brake with a reamer to acquire 0% runout at the muzzle.

Port design
When the gas depletes, we shrink the port size to keep the internal pressure up so we can keep redirecting and make use of fast-pressurized expanding gas.
Trying out design iterations during 2023, geometries shape and angles. I opted for a Square design because our test with round brakes shows that It can’t redirect gas well enough.
Too much gas goes toward the ceiling and floor with side ports on a cylinder-shaped brake. Creating more “eco” and “bang” for everyone in the shooting area including the user.

Coming Later

A tuner Nut will come as a standalone part later in 2024.

What’s included?

Multitool in a perfect size for a Range bag, with a little extra feature for use cases besides tightening the brake.

2 small bubble levels are included. One is to be used scope turret and the other on the muzzle Brake to guarantee a level brake and ensure a repeatable zero when mounting the brake to the barrel.

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Maxi, Midi, Mini


M18x1, 5/8×24


6-6,5mm, 7,62-8,6mm